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Not so silent night

23/02/2009 at 21:24
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about the lightning

We had quite a stormy whether lately. I've tried to capture a lightning several times, but never succeeded. This one is not perfect, for sure, but I did capture one ! The problem while shooting a storm is you obviously never know for sure where the lightnings are going to hit the ground. In my case, they kept flashing on the left of the frame, but as you can see, there is a tree there, and I couldn't find a better angle.

how it was shot

Anyway, I don't know how pros do this, but by trials and errors, I eventually found a good setting. It seems that as strobes, lightnings are only concerned by the aperture. I first tried with a very small aperture to ensure sharpness and depht of field, but I couldn't see a single lightning. So I opened the aperture until ligthnings exposure was OK. To be sure I'd get one, I set the camera on a long exposure, between 10 and 20 seconds. I also used a cable switch, locked it, and let the camera shoot every 15 seconds. I got a couple of nice shots, this one being the best one.

final thoughts

As I said before, it's not great, but it's my first one! So I'm glad to post it here... if you have good tips on how to shoot lightnings, let me know!