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The soft hug

11/03/2009 at 21:49
mot-clé :
abstract doux feuilles garden green jardin leaves leef light lumière monochrome plantes soft soleil sun vert
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the story

I took this shot quite a long time ago. Actually, it was just a few month after having bought my camera. It was taken in Vaipahi, a new public garden on the western coast of Tahiti. This a nice garden with a lot of intersting things to shoot, but at that moment, I just loved those two leaves... there is something romantic about them, and the light was just perfect !

the tech

There's not much to say about that one. I tried to remove a bit of clipping, boosted contrasts and saturation in general, added a tad of blue in the shadows, and cloned out a few distracting bugs and dust.